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Publish: Tuesday, Nov 9–6AM PST | liquiid Medium

Title: Blockchain Gaming Pioneer, liquiid, Joins ORE as a Block Producer

By: Open Rights Foundation

Today, we’re excited to welcome liquiid as an Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Block Producer!

liquiid is a next-generation software development platform that builds SDKs for gaming developers. liquiid games exist on-chain — allowing for the creation, collection and distribution of digital assets within the games themselves.

ORE Block Producers (BP) play a key role in the operation and verification of the Open Rights Exchange. Liquiid joins the leading industry BPs including DecentralBank, Infinitybloc, Acheron Trading, AIKON and more to help us optimize the ORE chain.

The Open Rights Exchange is built for decentralized identities, assets and rights. ORE works cross-chain with Ethereum, Algorand, EOS and more to connect Web 2.0 identities to Web 3.0 — allowing everyone, everywhere to easily use blockchain technology.

Thanks to the efforts of these BPs, ORE has been running with zero downtime for over two years.

Our launch partner, AIKON, first introduced liquiid to us following the announcement that AIKON and liquiid would provide game developers with a Unity SDK to seamlessly connect to a variety of blockchains. We’re thrilled to bring liquiid’s gaming expertise and ongoing support to the ORE BP roster.

“When choosing a Block Producer, we look for demonstrated ability to reliably run EOSIO nodes and if they produce on another chain to ensure we’re continuing our efforts to provide a simple-to-use cross-chain experience. liquiid’s exceptional work as BPs on WAX aligned with these qualities,” explains Marc Blinder, ORE Core Contributor and AIKON CEO.

“We are excited by the vision of the Open Rights Foundation to accelerate mass adoption of blockchain technology. It aligns with our own mission to provide a fast, inexpensive and simple-to-use blockchain experience for gamers and game developers,” says Trang Lê Bozon, Liquid CEO and Co-Founder.

If you’re interested in becoming an ORE Block Producer, contact us at


About the Open Rights Foundation: Built in partnership with AIKON, the Open Rights Exchange is built to be simple to use and compatible with all chains. A single password — not a key — is provided as the entry to not just the Open Rights Exchange, but to all other chains including Ethereum, Polygon, Algorand and EOS — with even more chains being added every quarter.

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