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Liquiid Report November 2021

(LiquidStudios-Guild on WAX)

Hello WAX and EOSIO community. This is our monthly report for November and in the following article we want to inform you about everything that happened on our side within the last 4 weeks.

liquiid BP

As always, we are continuously expanding our infrastructure and are adding and upgrading Nodes whenever required. Due to the high traffic and large amount of history, we upgraded our nodes again to be able to host everything needed in a highly available environment. We also upgraded several nodes so that now every node has at least 128 GB of RAM to be able to fully support the activation of the RAM-inflation on WAX.

In between, there was a problem with missing (early) blocks, which has been fixed.

We are proud to say that we still have 100% uptime and have never missed a single block on WAX mainnet.
liquiid tools

As always, the number of tools, sdks and plugins we provide for traditional Game Developers is growing. Over the last weeks, we have open-sourced the following new tools.

For those who do not know, liquiid builds not only our own games but also the tools that allow other developers to build games on WAX and other EOSIO-based chains.

Feel free to take a look at our repositories here ( and don’t hesitate to send us a message if you need help or advise on developing games on WAX or EOSIO.

One of our flagships, a Dfuse Client Library to subscribe to and consume dfuse-notifications via graphiql, it enables developers to consume actions and table-deltas with the lowest possible delay and enables them to build the best user-experiences possible, compatible with Unity3D (all different platforms) and traditional C# and .NET. Examples and installation-instructions coming in the next weeks (there are some third-party libraries for multi-platform-compatability needed).

A simple Dfuse Client Library to query data via dfuse's graphql-endpoints (no subscriptions), compatible with Unity3D (all different platforms) and traditional C# and .NET. Examples and installation-instructions coming in the next weeks (there are some third-party libraries for multi-platform-compatibility needed). Note: Due to the third-party libraries needed by the plugin above and the way Unity compiles projects, these two plugins are split into separate ones to reduce build-sizes.

A ApiClient for the AtomicMarketAPI based on the new pattern (Factory-Pattern + ParameterBuilder) due to the large number of parameters and endpoints of the AtomicMarketsAPI. As always fully compatible with Unity3D and traditional C# and .NET, all tests passing, examples provided.

Community Engagement

As you know, we are big fans of WAX and the EOSIO community We try to promote WAX and the development on WAX and EOSIO publicly. In case you don't know, missed something or have trouble following everything, here are links to events and blog-posts where we supported and promoted WAX and showcased Liquiid Universe, our SDKs and the development on WAX and EOSIO-based chains.

Talks hosted by World Blockchain Hackathon
Crypto and Gaming Industry
November 6 2021

Blockchain, Smart contracts and Payments
November 7
Demo of liquiid universe built on WAX

Talk hosted by GenerEos

GenerEos Pomelo Grant for Liquiid Bible
November 19 2021

Social Media

We are ramping up our presence via social media and expanding our marketing efforts through diverse platforms and blogs.

Medium for liquiid

Liquiid Ore-Network Block Producer

November 9 2021

The Future Looks shiny yet hopeful

November 11 2021

Liquiid Pomelo Pitch Deck with JimmyD
November 18 2021

A sneak peak into a fascinating world of nfts

November 29

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Liquiid Universe

Our first, major Play2Earn Game “Liquiid Universe” is growing day by day and we are continuously adding new features that are deeply integrated into the game mechanics and Play2Earn model.

A short summary of the work of the last month:
We are currently re-engineering large parts of the UI to make the look-and-feel better, while continuously expanding the functionality as usual and in addition adding first-person elements.

Buildings / Constructables

We have recreated all the buildings/constructibles. They now look much better, fit better to their use and are animated and partly dynamically customizable (colors and logos of the faction a player belongs to are automatically adjusted).
Guilds & Membership-Fees

The guild logic is now separated into a guilds-contract and the unity integration has been adjusted. We also developed a joining-fee-model with increasing fee per user.Collected Fees are forwarded into a global pot which then is redirected to stakers of the in-game token. The joining-fee-model is also developed in a way so that we can allow foreign tokens as fee in specific cases.

Guild-Owned Assets

Furthermore, we are currently working on "Guild-Owned Assets". Players in a guild can propose and accept or reject the construction of a "Guild-Owned Asset". After successful acceptance, players can build the "Guild-Owned Asset" together, and after successful building, they receive a fractional NFT (a tradeable part of the building as NFT, like a share), which allows them to earn passive income through fees generated by this asset.

Currently planned Guild Owned Assets are:
Warp Gates
Carrier Ships
Deconstruction Stations

We are always open for any feedback.

Instant Actions

Instant Actions are now fully integrated and we added an algorithm that automatically increases the fee for an instant-action based on it's usage for 24 hours, to integrate a kind of free market between the user and the game, where the price for a certain instant-action is based on usage. Each of the different instant-actions has its own market and price.

Stellar Objects
We have extended the logic of Warp Gates to the point where we can integrate different variations of "Stellar Objects" (objects that can be added to the orbit of a planet).

Currently planned Stellar Objects are:
Warp Gates
Extended local marketplaces
Energy absorbers

Any feedback is appreciated.


In the last weeks we have also implemented the "Tools" feature. A user can build certain tools if he fulfills certain requirements. He can then use these tools to perform certain actions. Tools usually only allow the player to perform certain actions in a solar system and are usually only possible when the player is in that solar system.

A good example is the "Thieving Tool". The player flies into the solar system for which s/he/they wants to create the tool and "spies" with it, using the necessary resources s/he/they builds the tool and is from now on able to steal planets in this solar system (if the other necessary criteria are met).

PLUS is live.

That's all folks, we send our love and stay healthy from the whole team - beliquiid!


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